1 st of June

June 1, 2007

… today it’s my birthday. For those who also celebrate this day as they’re birthday, this post is a kind of celebration to them…

Happy Birthday

Family guy peter sings happy birthday song


Have a nice day…


In my country, Portugal, we celebrate the International Children’s Day (ICD). Normally, I say that the IDC his celebrated because of me…



T. Rex

June 1, 2007

… just because

20th Century Boy by T. Rex

A walk…

May 30, 2007

Yesterday I made a lot of exercise, my elder brother invited me to go whit him to do some exercise, were in Lisbon.

It was to ride bicycle. At the beginning it was hard, because I didn’t ride bike, for five or six years. I can do it easily, only in plane fields.

Lisbon has seven hills, so you can imagine, climb or even go down them. It’s hard and painful. It’s seems like that I took a walk with bike. When I arrived to Santa Apolónia, I started to ride slowly to adapt myself to it. After that, we, me and my brother, started the walk towards Parque das Nações.

Like I wrote, I had some problems with the walk, because I’m not used to the bike, and in the road were lots of cars and trucks passing by me, and I was afraid of them. But nevertheless I survived to tell that I can do it again. I didn’t fall and it was a fantastic jorney.

We saw, before Parque das Nações, a group of young folks, I think they were climbing a kind of big boxes. It seems that they trespassed the fences to be there. I didn’t matter, at that point I was interested only in came back to Santa Apolónia and if there wasn’t big trucks behind me.

When we arrived home I was exhausted, climb the hills with the bicycle was more or less like, bring it on my backs, and my button bones were ache. Now they’re hurting me, I’ve some difficulties to sit. My arms and my legs are fine, but I’ve some problems in walking. Probably tomorrow I’ll be fine, I hope so.

29 th May

May 30, 2007

Nothing relevant to say.


May 28, 2007

… baked chicken breast with fried potatoes. Good for cholesterol and my diet. The temptation is huge, but I’ll not eat the potatoes, after eating them, I always fell bad disposal. Yack, horrible. Desert: oranges, two or three, to cut of the chicken taste and also the effect of fat.

I love eat, oranges and fruit in general. When we were kids, my mother had several problems with that, because she had to buy it every day. He were five children fruit-a-holic. But, nevertheless, she liked that we eat fruit because was, and still is, good for our health.

When I see the american documentaries and films, I feel a bit sick and I don’t understand why they don’t eat fruit. They produce fruit, don’t they?

The post

May 22, 2007

The posts that I put or wrote here, were too simple, just copy/paste videos or insert videos. There’s no content. I didn’t wrote significant things, no thoughts. I was only amusing myself. I must start do real and meaning stuff or the general purpose will disappear.


May 22, 2007

(I forgot to publish this post, wrote it Saturday… I tough that I’d published it , this is so typical in me…)

… Yesterday I saw a Block Party concert. They’re good but, I don’t like them very much, I prefer other bands, like those I showed in other posts.

Eich… it’s a bit difficult to explain, in English, the reasons why I don’t like them. They seem a kind of a hype, the musics are similar. I had a kind of a strange felling, they made a kind of mesh… two or three musics in the same music, I listen one or twice the first album and the second, I think that I never heard it.
Ok, I went there because a friend offer me the ticket he bought a spare one.