Simple Things

May 28, 2007

… now I’m hearing “Junior Boys – In the morning“, it’s 4.39, I’m also hearing birds outside, this is good the simple things in life, those who bring happiness and are free, for sure.

“Cos in the morning
There’s a million years to choose from.
You don’t care just take one.
Leave a place to rest on.”

I love so much this music, a special person gave me they’re cd “So This Is Goodbye”

And the verses, of another music -“Like a child“, taken from the same album,

“Close the windows in my room
It gets so cold at night
Stay at home here like you do
I’ve got the end in sight, yeah”

And again, the simple things in life, in music (I know that I’m repeating, but I like). I prefer things like those. Why complicate?

Now, I’m hearing a Brazilian music, Elis Regina and Tom Jobim – águas de Março, for those who don’t understand Portuguese, like or love this music because is smooth, graceful and with a bit of sadness. We feel that, the verses tell us the end of Carnaval, the rain that came after, that washes and clean everything. Chills, because in Brazil Março (March) is the arrival of autumn, the end of Summer. The new house that is built.

The new beginning.


Six o’clock, I must go to sleep, insomnia is taking me apart… no sense, is just fatigue and head ache. (another bird singing)

But, before a “Kings of Convenience” video clip…

Kings Of Convenience – I’D Rather Dance With You

and, another one: this one…