June 25, 2007

… that I found.

First, a wordpress blog with lots of video clips: Under My World. The owner is a very well organized person, much more than I. He’s got many more videos than my two blogs. In this moment I came across with an idea. From now I could use tags with name of the artists just to organize myself, because it is a simple way to find if I putted the video in a early post.

Second, while I was listening and hearing a video clip from the Swedish band The Knife (You Take my Breath Away), I read a comment, that the two singers are Karin Dreijer Andersson and Jenny Wilson. The former is the lead singer of The Knife, the latter is also a Swedish singer. Here are found some of they’re lyrics.

Karin Dreijer Andersson

Third, isn’t something I found, but something that I re-encounter (or re-found – I thought this word didn’t exist, but it seems that it is true), the Fujiya & Miyagi web site. It is interesting, because we can listen to their music, and also the bands name sounds a Japanese, but they’re a British band. We can find the web site address here.